After meandering the planet and many years on the west coast, I’ve found my
way back to red dirt country close to cowboys, home grown tomatoes and neighbors helping neighbors.

I grew up in front of a big creek where my brother and I would
wait for the downpour of rain in order to crawdad hunt, gather half dollar
turtles and make infirmaries out of shoe boxes for the
ones who didn’t survive the flood.

My grandparents on both sides were rural Oklahoma folk. We’d visit for a day or a weekend to return with a bucket…

After over two decades of documenting stories on the environment and human rights, I’ve come to learn just how powerful the Regenerative Food Movement is and that ‘TO FREE OURSELVES MEANS TO FEED OURSELVES.’ ~ Leah Penniman

The number of black farmers in America peaked in 1920, when there were 949,889. Today, of the country’s 3.4 million total farmers, only 1.3%, or 45,508, are black.They own a mere 0.52% of America’s farmland.By comparison, 95% of US farmers are white.

The black farmers who have managed to hold on to their farms eke out a living today. They make less than…

8 Minutes 46 Seconds

Photo: Christine Nguyen

What haunts me most is Derek Chauvin’s hand in his pocket. A gesture of ease, comfort of possibly playing with spare change during a time of choking a man to death.

What is that place of creative cruelty that shrouds a man’s moral judgment while killing another as we watched him plea for his mother?

People aren’t born of this level of violence, it is learned. We absorb stories on a daily basis. Ones that include implicit bias that cross pollinate with inherent racism. …

All Children Deserve the Protection of the Oklahoma Constitution.

The US will begin detaining undocumented migrant children at the Fort Sill Army base within the coming weeks. When they arrive, we believe they should have the same human rights protections as any Oklahoma child. What we propose is not a grand solution, but instead a call to action where Oklahoma can lead with fairness and respect for human rights. In so doing, our Oklahoma-led effort may reflect a standard of discipline providing clarity on the larger issues troubling our Nation.

Protesters stood ground in June and called the plan to detain children at Ft. Sill ‘a return to one…

‘Fiesta Protesta’ | Lajitas

Every year in a border town called Lajitas, hundreds of people gather among the waters of the Rio Grande. For decades, tourists and locals would cross freely to Lajitas, Mexico. In May of 2002, when the federal government closed the passage, the small community ‘Lajitas’ shared with its Mexican neighbor was cut in half. But the annual ‘Voices From Both Sides’, a one-day rally acts as a reunion and best described as ‘Fiesta Protesta’.

FACT: At the beginning of the George W. bush administration there was 1.6 million apprehensions at the US / Mexico border . Last year it was…

Nicol Ragland

Photographer . Director | Narrative-enhancing photography and film with an emphasis on cause-driven storytelling. | http://nicolragland.com/

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